SpaceX Dragon cargo carrier docks with ISS over Pacific


SpaceX Dragon supply craft has docked with the International Space Station (ISS) carrying almost 3,500 kilograms of freight, including food and scientific equipment, the US space agency NASA reported on Sunday.

The docking took place while the ISS was travelling over the Pacific Ocean, NASA said.

The supply mission is the 26th conducted by SpaceX in combination with NASA. “After Dragon spends about one month attached to the space station, the spacecraft will return to Earth with cargo and research,” NASA reported on its website.

Among the supplies delivered were solar panels, a special variety of tomato to improve the diet available to space crew on long missions and Moon Microscopes.

The latter is “a kit for in-flight medical diagnosis that includes a portable hand-held microscope and a small self-contained blood sample staining device,” NASA said.

Ice cream was included in the cargo as a surprise. The first SpaceX supply mission to the ISS was in 2012.