Solo calligraphy art show opens tomorrow


                ISLAMABAD, Nov 25 (APP):A solo show of exquisite calligraphic art pieces will be on display here on November 26 by artist Shehla Tiwana at Islamabad Art Gallery for art lovers.

Based on medium of oil on canvas, the art pieces carry Islamic Calligraphy in vibrant colors and patterns that are eye catching and soul soothing.

“I feel that I was born with a passion for colors and an innate aesthetic sense. My late father was also an amazing sketch artist. Seeing him with paper pencil was more than enough to make me discover my inborn passion at the age of five. Later I found my mentor, Sir Saeed Akhtar, he made me the painter I am today. He fine-tuned my arty instincts and encouraged me to experiment with different subjects like nature, portraits, history, animals, calligraphy. My work explores universal values of love, life, faith, prayer, beauty, and the divine that synthesizes feelings and pictograms through lettering,” said Shehla about the work.

“I feel an artist is not about just being a painter, my art is evident in whatever work I do. I learned photography from well-known American photographer Malcolm. Whichever field of work I did, be it photography, makeup or dress designing, my core aim was to deliver something artistic and stylish.  I firmly believe that such a creative mind, talent that can actually cover so many fields and it is purely a gift of God,” she said.

She has been doing different subjects mostly horses and flowers however now she is more focused on doing Islamic calligraphy, she believe Islamic calligraphy is not like ordinary writing meant for ordinary communication, it beautifies the creator’s revelations with colors and writing. Her painting is in two steps, she first makes the background with oil and with colors, and then comes the calligraphy, synchronizing the meaning with colors. “I wish beauty exists in my paintings which can make emotional and spiritual bonds between the viewers,” she added.