Chairman PRCS condolence message for earthquake affectees of Turkiye


Islamabad, NOV 23: /DNA/ – The Chairman of Pakistan Red Crescent Society ,Sardar Shahid Ahmad Laghari, expressed heartfelt condolence to the people of Turkiye as a result of the earthquake in the northwest (Duzce) of Türkiye, on 23 Nov 2022.

Chairman PRCS Said, The People of Pakistan, are deeply aggrieved over the sufferings of our Turkish brethren.He further added, we can easily relate to the sufferings and trauma of the people as Pakistan in recent years, has also suffered from a number of disasters. Although natural calamities are beyond our control, we can still mitigate the effects by providing assistance and psycho-social support. 

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society conveys its deep commiseration and sympathy to the people of Turkiye through the Turkish Red Crescent.