Despite cold weather, tawa ice cream rolls still have popularity


ISLAMABAD, NOV 20 (DNA) — Despite the fall of mercury in the twin cities, ice cream lovers are enjoying tasty and colorful tawa ice cream rolls stating that ice cream mania can’t be put aside due to cold weather.

Stall owner Muhammad Shahzad told an official media outlet that tawa ice cream is prepared on a locally manufactured machine that works on installing a metal sheet over a cooling compressor. He said the compressor of the refrigerator and air conditioner is used for preparing the ice cream and the price of the machine also depends on the type of compressor.

He said the best-selling item of tawa ice cream is ‘roll meets soft serve’ which costs Rs 450 while all-time favourite items are vanilla, caramel and peanut butter which cost Rs 200. He explained that condensed milk and cream are the basic ingredients of tawa ice cream rolls while customers can get a lot of variety including chocolate and fruit flavors like a blue berry.

A nutritionist Rimsha Tehseen told that if a person is taking three times healthy meals daily then it is safe to consume ice cream once a week. She said consumers should choose those ice cream spots which are clean and prepare the ice cream following the proper process of ice cream preparation.

She said one serving of ice cream has 160 to 300 calories but ice cream is not a great source of Vitamin D and calcium. She said ice cream has a small amount of dietary fiber that gives a feeling of fulness.

She said ice cream has a relatively higher rank on glimax index which means that glucose production would be higher in the human body with the consumption of ice cream. A customer at the tawa ice cream rolls stall said that process of making rolls was eye-catching and ice cream was loved by people of all ages even in cold weather.

Another customer Hassan said that he enjoys ice cream with his family once a month and he always chooses the same flavour which makes him guess the quality of the ice cream by tasting single spoon. Health experts are of the view that consumers should prefer healthy dairy ice cream over low-quality ice cream that is cheaper. =DNA