The Exquisite PAF Pavilion At IDEAS 2022


The present era’s international matters revolve primarily around the geo-political-strategic importance of the countries. Of course! This epoch signifies that the balance of power is beholden to the presentationof production, innovation andprotection of weapons. Now the deterrence is maintained and sustained in this manner! Warfare today is, much more challenging when the battlefield has got reserved the unprecedented mode. It is no longer just on the borders alone! Technology in weaponry industry has unleashed the abundance of noveltyon account of the scientific revolution.The improvization in the arm-race is a newfangled set-target. The challenges are myriads in nature from countering the Hybrid warfare, race in Aerospace to win ahead, and to be the champion in Information Technology.

Premeditated and executed by the Ministry of Defence Pakistan the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar at Karachi Expo Center serves the purposeof country’s deterrence and exhibit thecomplete range of defence system well. This November 2022 from 15 to 18, around285foreign defence delegations from 64 countries attended exhibition stands from the host-county as well guest-countries. Among all exhibits, the Pakistan Armed Forces’ stalls remained successful to attract the attention of majority of dignitaries and attendees.
Nevertheless! Pakistan Air Force demonstrated its identical professionalism right from the release of aspiring and attractive videos to setting up an eye-catching stall. The design of PAF stall appeared the sophisticated and arresting to all its visitors. Eachproject, aircraft and devices displayed at the PAF Pavilion proved a class by itself.

Air Chief Marshal, Chief of the Air Staff Zaheer Ahmed Baber Sidhu graced the 11th Edition of IDEAS 2022 on its inaugural day-16thNovember. On his visit at PAF Pavilion CAS said,

“PAF is committed to developing the most innovative technologies in the country, so as to provide the most modern, effective and impregnable aerial defence of Pakistan.”

The CAS further highlighted the comprehensive plan for the growth of in-country capabilities in the well-established as well as emerging and disruptive technologies in Aerospace, Cyber, IT, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing domains. He also shared the details of PAF’s flagship project of NASTP. He put an emphasis that PAF spearheads the one of its own kind of strategic-national importance project. Sharing about its mission, his own initiative and overall vision for NASTP, the worthy CAS said NASTP is,

“To foster research, innovation and development with a vision to become one of the best               Aerospace, Cyber and Information Technology clusters in world.”
PAF Pavilion continued to disseminate the fascinating particulars for the promotion of National Aerospace Science and Technology Park as part of the materialization the instructions from the CAS.The main features of Special Technology Zones were also disclosed as part of its launch for the on-going-progress about NASTP.

*High Tech Aerospace Technologies Design Centers.
*National and International Aviation Industry.
*MROfacilities for Commercial and Military Aircraft.
*Aviation Logistics.
*Expo Centers.
*Advanced Vocational Training Institute.

NASTP promises to fashion a world class range of opportunities for strengthening potential of excellence driven and innovative minds of Pakistan. The conceived plan at four levels were also shared.

1-National Aerospace Cluster.
2-Regional Aerospace, Cyber and IT Parks.
3-University Aerospace.
4-Software Technology Parks. (STPs)

The extended attractions of NASTP at the PAF Pavilion:
*Advanced Communication and Airborne System Technology,
*Air To Air Secure Network.
*Moving Map Situational Awareness.
*Micro Jet Engine Development.
*CAD Modelling and Drawing.
*3D Scanning.
*Simulation Division.

All of thesestole all-out attention at the IDEAS 2022. Much due reverend-commend to our esteemed ACM for coming up with such a ground-breaking idea for the Pakistani Youth. It is exactly the reason when one proudly says, “PAF is second to none!With the promotional opening of NASTP, PAF merges technology, aerospace, cyber, IT and academia altogether as one splendid project.

Another through-going-pull was the static display of Pride of Pakistan-JF-17 Thunder and Super Muhshak Trainer aircraft. These two aircrafts evidencedthe PAF iconic magnetism at the IDEAS 2022. Not only the national attendees but also the visiting delegates, senior military officials and state dignitaries presented the keen interest for the PAF Pavilion.

The PAF Spokesperson in a press release states,

“Both NASTP and the JF-17 Thunder aircraft together will serve as the leading defence productions to attract foreign delegations for joint ventures. NASTP is all set to become one of the best Aerospace, Cyber and IT Clusters in the world and transform national landscape with design, R&D and innovation centers for emerging and disruptive technologies to foster research, innovation and development in aviation, space and IT and Cyber Technologies, products and services to accrue maximum social, economic, security and scientific dividends for the country.”

The dawn of new era is here with theinduction of first batch of J-10Cto the fleet of PAF in March 2022. PAF every so often stays to confirmation on the promise for the defence of Motherland. Likewise, on the basis of calculation about the regional balance of power that experiences a new paradigm shift of soft power and technology at large. PAF takes the lead here too. During the 4 days of exhibition, PAF has showcased the realization, preparedness and its adherence in meeting the need of Aerospace technology.

All the hard-work by the PAF has been acknowledged when its stall-PAF Pavilion got the first prize at the IDEAS 2022. PAF NASTP stall’s declaration as the winner is a testament
of commitment shown by the entire PAF team. The much-deserved-success of PAF NASTP marks the commencement of the wonders in the upcoming years.

Asma Ishaq teaches English Language and English Literature tosenior classes.