HEC recognizes Pak’s first entrepreneurial HEI, Extreme Commerce College (ECC)


KARACHI, NOV 19 /DNA/  – Prioritizing entrepreneurship as one of the most important faculties to secure the future of Pakistani youth, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has recognized the country’s first Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institute, Extreme Commerce College.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) through its notification No. 14(131)/A&A/Acc/HEC-2022 has officially recognised the Extreme College Commerce (ECC) and its qualifications. Through this, the students of ECC will benefit from nationally recognised international qualifications. This recognition enhances opportunities and gateways available to students.

With the aim of bridging gaps in academic knowledge and a successful professional career, Extreme Commerce College was established with the aim to provide a nurturing environment for the Pakistani students and youthful workforce to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset, thus encouraging them to realize their full potential.

The college inculcates educating oneself while earning and getting empowered. This is achieved by harnessing skilled based learning and qualifications. Being the pioneer entrepreneurial higher educational institute (HEI) in the country, ECC offers complementary incubation plus e-commerce structured training to all students throughout their stay at college. The college also offers practical and experiential learning opportunities to the students, where industry practitioners and entrepreneurs are available to share their knowledge of the digital ecosystem.

The visionary leadership at Extreme Commerce was able to spot the tremendous national potential that lies in the human capital and has been working tirelessly towards their vision of making Pakistan the global hub for back-office and technical services for the global e-commerce markets.

Extreme Commerce College (ECC) is Pakistan’s first entrepreneurial higher education institute that came into being as a joint venture between Extreme Commerce and Oxford’s Independent Business School. The purpose of ECC as a futuristic scholastic and incubation hub is to build and disseminate a full spectrum of affordable pre-university to post-graduate competency and skill based learning, complemented by world-class, international qualifications.

ECC is the nation’s foremost institute for digital entrepreneurship with a focus on e-commerce and emerging technologies. It is headquartered in Karachi, with satellite incubation campuses in eight different cities, which can accommodate students nationwide and provide a networking opportunity with more than one million e-commerce experts and entrepreneurs through Extreme Commerce’s online community globally.=DNA