PAF remembers ‘poet of the East’ Allama Iqbal, releases documentary


ISLAMABAD, NOV 09 (DNA) — The Directorate General of Public Relations of the Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday released a short documentary video paying tribute to the poet of the East, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

The short documentary highlighted that Iqbal’s poetry has depth of thought and insight. The creation of the motherland had been accomplished by his intellectual efforts, it added.

By terming the young generation as Shaheen (Eagle), Iqbal wanted to inculcate in them a lofty idea, passion for action, wide vision and boldness, and also wanted to fully fulfill their curiosity.

According to Iqbal the Shaheen’s life is self-deprecating, curious in its nature and swooping in its habit. “He is the only ruler of vast space who loves the skies and heights,” the documentary mentioned the vision of Iqbal for youth as Shaheen.

The documentary renewed the pledge that every Shaheen of Pakistan Air Force was always ready to protect the motherland and would not spare any sacrifice if required. =DNA