Rotary meeting held on Pak- German collaboration


Islamabad, OCT 26 /DNA/ – Rotary Club of Islamabad Metropolitan arranged a special talk on “Pak German collaboration to help communities in need” at a local hotel. Alfred Grannas Ambassador Federal Republic of Germany was the guest speaker.

Mr. Imran Ghaznavi President RC Islamabad Metropolitan welcomed the guest speaker and emphasized the importance of international collaborations in helping the communities in need across Pakistan, specially in flood hit areas. The importance of clean drinking water was highlighted and efforts of the club in this regard were elaborated.

Former Ambassador Fouzia Nasreen introduced the German Ambassador, gave brief history of the club and elaborated the avenues of collaboration in the field of clean drinking water, health care and twining of German Rotary clubs with Pakistani Club to promote fellowship.

His Excellency the German Ambassador, Alfred Grannas spoke about Germany’s contribution to flood relief efforts in Pakistan. He revealed that 70 million euros have been given to Pakistan by Germany in the form of humanitarian aid. However, the reason why the German flag is not visible in the flood relief effort is because in the interest of efficiency, the assistance is given to professional and established humanitarian organizations as these have better coordination at the grassroots levels. “It is not important to be visible, it is important to be efficient,” he said.

His Excellency emphasized that this giving in times of need is not an act of charity, rather it is an obligation to those in need by those who have.  Pakistan’s floods, in particular, are a consequence of climate change which affects the whole world, and we are all in it together.

He noted that as Germany has been with Pakistan in Pakistan’s time of need during the floods, Germany will also be there for reconstruction. He emphasized, however, that it would be Pakistan and Pakistanis who will decide how to best prioritize their reconstruction effort.

His Excellency also noted that it has been 70 years of diplomatic relations for Germany, and the country has helped others in development for the last 60 years. He highlighted some areas of activity that Germany has prioritized, namely Polio eradication efforts which have been a priority of the German Development Corporation, and improvement of governance, especially with respect to public health insurance.

His Excellency recognized that the relationship between Pakistan and Germany has certainly not been one-sided. “We also go away with enhanced knowledge,” he said.  “We also go away enriched.”  He emphasized that the Pakistan-German cooperation is for mutual benefit, and there has always been a lot for Germany to learn from Pakistan, especially now since the challenge for all nations is to continue to industrialize and remain industrialized in a new age of energy.

The affable and cordial talk by His Excellency inspired many questions and comments from members of the host Rotary Club Islamabad Metropolitan.

 Secretary Of the Club Dr Azra Yasmin thanked the German Ambassdor for his candid talk.

German Ambassador was pin up and shield was presented to him by the President Imran Ghaznavi.