Under-trial accused become PM, Finance Minister: Imran Khan


Urges students not to give up, fight till last ball to become champions in life 

Says he will announce long march within few days to achieve real independence 

SARGODHA: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Chairman) Imran Khan said that the under-trial accused has become prime minister and finance minister of Pakistani, saying that he would announce his long march within few days to rid the country of these corrupt ruling elites.

Speaking at Sargodha University, Imran Khan said that universities were the nurseries of future leaders. He said that who gave permission to the Governor of Punjab to bar political leaders to address to the students in universities, adding  international politicians address students in UK, Oxford University not only invited UK politicians but also world leaders to address. “I have given a speech at Oxford University three times and now I have been invited again,” he added.

He urged the Governor Punjab not to listen to these thieves who sit above because as people have known him for 50 years, adding that if political leaders did not address to the students, how would they know about politics and how they form their own views.

Imran Khan said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto could come to address the students. He said that the country was currently standing at a decisive point, as some politicians come to power in the name of people and then start looting. 

He said that when people did not stand for truth, the society was destroyed, urging the students to fight till the end and became champions in life as he did in cricket and politics. 

PTI Chairman stated that bad times come when you give up, adding, “I learnt a lesson in cricket that the one who fights till the last ball is the champion, your captain will fight these thieves.”

Lashing out at the imported government, Imran Khan said that when they hear his name, their legs started trembling. He said that the small thieves were in jail and the big ones were given NRO and were roaming freely.

“When I went to the assembly, I saw the famous big robbers of Pakistan,” he added. Imran Khan went on to say that the society was destroyed, where there was no system of justice and rule of law.

Imran Khan said that the reason for prosperity in Switzerland was the rule of law, adding that when our Prime Minister is begging for money abroad, the respect of the entire country is lost. 

Imran Khan said nation died ethically and morally when corrupt people got important slots, adding that only honest leadership can steer the country out of current crises.

He said Shehbaz Sharif has been facing Rs. 16 billion corruption charges and the case was underway when he became prime minister while Ishaq Dar has involved in money laundering for the Sharif family and gave a written affidavit in 2000 in this regard, making him the finance minister. That is, the cat was put on the milk tray. 

Chairman PTI said that Asif Zardari was called Mr Ten Percent in India and books were written on his corruption. There is no difference between the Governor of Sindh and the Mulajat, adding that half of the cabinets were facing cases of theft. Abid Sher Ali’s father said that Rana Sanaullah had committed 18 murders, he added.