Pakistan considers CPC 20th Congress important one in life of Chinese national ethos


Islamabad, OCT 17 /DNA/ – Pakistan considers the historic 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) an important event in the life and history of the Chinese national ethos.

Amidst the global and regional challenges, and the rise of threats of global climate change, food, and energy security crisis, China is leading the vision to foster forward the ideals of the forefathers to set the national course in days to come, according to an article published by Gwadar Pro on Monday.

The historic Congress began on October 16, participating by representatives from all over China to share their wishes, aspirations, and insights for making the destiny of their country for the next five years.

It is expected that the 20th Congress will discuss the progress made since the 19th Congress and review the past decade of the new era. The discussion will likely be around the context of building strength to deal with emerging regional and global challenges.

Before the 20th Congress, several other essential decision-making meetings happened that created the pathway for the 20th Congress to be productive and based on the wishes and aspirations of the people.

Important decisions are expected to be made in this congress, especially related to the leadership, structures of  CPC, governance matters, foreign policy matters, regional and international challenges, and how China should take specific positions on the issues that impact the people of the country.

For the reform and opening-up period, China has chosen a steady path that is progress and development-oriented. China never interfered in any other state matters and has never used force against other countries.

The only strategy that China has used for constructive engagement with other countries was to share the development, progress, and technology to help countries uplift their lives. The CPC leadership has ensured that this path of development progress should be maintained.

Pakistan is one of the largest beneficiaries of China’s development and progress. Ever since its policy of opening-up and the subsequent ventures like the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its most active China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and now the Global Development Initiative (GDI) and Global Security Initiative (GSI), China has remained on an upward trajectory in the context of bilateral as well multilateral collaboration for mutual benefit with many countries.

China has supported Pakistan and is genuinely considered an all-weather friend with the essence of iron brotherhood. The upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is also crucial for Pakistan since the discussion will be around the future course of economic, trade, bilateral, and multilateral cooperation.

The new dimension of the period of development cooperation with Pakistan will be impacted. CPEC is in the second critical phase, where industrial collaboration is ongoing with social and economic impacts.

The upcoming congress might also consider ways to deepen cooperation with Pakistan and the regional countries. CPEC has not only remained a game changer for Pakistan but has created an immense lifeline for the people of Pakistan to build their lives on.

China has always remained an essential cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy, and the engagement has remained phenomenal. China has supported Pakistan in tackling COVID-19, the recent floods, and so on.

With resilience, determination and steadfastness, China has achieved its goals through systematic ways to make progress and development. Through these meetings and five years plans, China has achieved its impetus to build socialism with Chinese characteristics.

As a leading member of the global community, China is standing tall in its resolve to build peace, progress, and a shared future with equal economic opportunities for all including Pakistan, the article added.