Govt has few days to announce elections or ready to face long march: Imran Khan  


ISLAMABAD, OCT 17 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan categorically stated that the public overwhelmingly rejected the imported government in the Sunday-last by-elections, which was actually a referendum against the PDM; therefore, he gave some more days to these bandits for the sake of the country to fix date for early elections or else he would announce his party’s long march within few days.

Speaking at a press conference following the party’s high level meeting here on Monday, PTI Chairman warned that these cable of thieves should bear in mind that elections date should be announced forthwith otherwise he would not delay the long march beyond October, as his party completed all the necessary preparations in this regard.

Imran Khan made it clear that the nation wanted an immediate election as they had already given their verdict against the imported rulers imposed through foreign conspiracy. “I will pay tribute to the voter and supporters for this historic triumphant,” he added.

“This was not an election but a referendum, the voters knew that we were not supposed to sit in the assembly, yet people voted our candidates repeatedly,” he maintained.

Imran Khan warned the government that if once we announce the March, then no one can give a guarantee as to what will be the result, as multitudes of people would take to the streets responding to his call to the nation for the anti-government march.

The PTI Chairman said that in May 25, PTI was not pre-prepared but this time around we have completed our preparations and Rana Sanullah have no idea about it.

He said that the gang of thieves had nothing to do with the country since they have no stake here because they stashed all their plundered wealth abroad. “These bandits will not be bothered by the worst economic scenario in Pakistan. The whole nation has been witnessing that only a small thief is held by the law while the big wigs get expulsion,” he added.

However, he vowed: “Time is up for Nawaz and Zardari, whatever they do they will be defeated,” he exclaimed, adding that giving them more time would be tantamount to plunge the country deep further in the quagmire of problems. 

Lashing out at Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan said that Nawaz wanted to delay the elections because he was scared to go to polls due to the PTI’s rising popularity.

He stated that Nawaz was actually waiting for the PTI’s wave of support to subside before elections could be held but contrary to it the party was gaining more popularity with each passing day as the Sunday’s by-polls was its clear manifestation.

Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif can contest the election only when his theft was forgiven, as he was yet to tell where the London flat money came from. He was Nawaz Sharif was a timid person, he can play matches without his own empire, adding that he did not want to compete with the institutions of the country because it would only harm the country.

“We are holding public gatherings and long march within the framework of the constitution, as we will not do any fighting with anyone,” he added.  

Talking about possible talks, PTI Chairman said that some backdoors parleys were held but it did not work because these were not democrats but criminals, adding that one can hold reconciliation talks with Baloch or Sindhi nationalists, but not with the felons like them because the ultimate goal of the ruling coalition was to making necessary legislations to waive off their billions of corruption cases.

To a question about COAS’ appointment, Imran Khan reiterated that neither Nawaz criminal nor Asif Zardari Mr ten percent should make such a high-profile appointment such as that of the army chief. However, he stated that the army chief should be appointed on merit.

About the torture on PTI leaders, Imran Khan expressed his resentment that his party had a detailed discussion about the custodial torture inflicted on PTI leaders.

He said that 75-year-old Senator Azam Swati was stripped naked in custody and tortured mere over a mere tweet, adding that the same treatment was meted out with Shahbaz Gill and anchor Jamil Farooqi. “I felt so ashamed that we humiliate our people this way,” he added.

“Swati was beaten and humiliated in front of his grandchildren and then was taken to police station where law enforcers handed his custody to agencies, who then subjected him to brutal torture,” Khan added.

He lashed out at the Chairman Senate for not issuing Swati’s production order. PTI Chairman made it clear that the incident brought disrepute and disgrace to Pakistan, because the world’s media gave prominent placement to the story that he was tortured and stripped naked for tweeting against the army chief, giving an impression as if the army was above the law.

He said that the party leadership decided that a special sessions of KP and Punjab assemblies would be summoned on the issue and PTI senators would file petition with the Supreme Court.

Besides, Imran Khan stated that the party would also write letters to international oragnisations — human rights committee in Geneva, UN special rapporteur on torture, EU special representative on human rights and international parliamentary union to register its concern pertaining to torture on its party leaders.

Imran Khan went on to say that a person posted in Islamabad was behind this unlawful and unconstitutional act in a bid to please the army chief. He demanded that strict actions should be taken against him because he was doing no service to the country rather violating the Constitution, defaming the country and sowing the seeds of hatred among the public for institutions.

About Karachi by-poll, Imran Khan demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to hold re-election in Karachi’s NA-237 constituency, as the PPP clinched the seat through rigging, as his party had all the evidence in this regard.

He said that the ECP hold complete reelection in Daska after some complains of irregularities at few polling stations in the constituency.  

He stated that the Sindh election commissioner was on the provincial government’s payroll and they have already approached judicial council against him.

Talking about Jeo Biden’s remarks, Imran Khan said that when he went to America, Donald Trump gave him great respect. When Trump talked about Pakistan on the issue of Afghanistan, I reacted strongly.

He said that America respects those who respect themselves, adding that these people were begging on TV shows and Bilawal was traveling all over the world and Sindh is drowning in floods.

He said that US President Joe Biden said Pakistan was the most dangerous place, which was a clear defeat of the foreign policy of the imported rulers.