Italian embassy hosts event to promote women’s self-reliance



ISLAMABAD, The Italian Embassy in Pakistan on Sunday hosted an event of various brands run by women for promoting women’s economic self-reliance and empowerment.

“The event is held to coincide with the international women’s day to provide an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to flourish and contribute to the journey of women’s economic empowerment”, said wife of Italy’s Ambassador to Pakistan Andreas Ferrarese, Mrs. Albana Planeja here.

Today is International Women’s Day, which reaffirms our commitment to the economic, social and political rights of women around the world and the need for women to unite in this regard, she said this while talking to the media.

Mrs. Albana Planeja said that equality and diversity are an important aspect for the society’s growth. People from all over the world are joining hands for equality, diversity and inclusion through various events. In Pakistan and Italy, women are emerging in business and they need to move forward together to advance their business, she said.

She said that women are a symbol for peace and humanity in the world and they have a vital role to play in making this world beautiful and developed.

She said that the role of women is very important in family and society and women have a very important role in strengthening the family.

Mrs. Albana Planeja said that women should come forward all over the world and play their full role in all fields of business, politics and development.

“The Italian embassy and our government intend to hold similar exhibitions in the future to promote women’s business,” she said.

She said that Pakistani women should now focus on e-commerce and online businesses as there are huge business opportunities in it.

She said Pakistan was an emerging e-commerce market and had the potential to excel in the international market and also emerge as a global player in the coming years.

Replying to a question, Mrs. Albana was asked if she finds any similarity between the Pakistani and Italian women. To which she answered that many Pakistani women are very successful in their careers as well along with having the perfect home life. Both in Italy and Pakistan the women never ignore the fundamental values in life. Various entrepreneurs and clothing brands attended the event and appreciated the efforts of the Italian Embassy and underlined the need to create similar programs in the future to promote women’s business.