More space to women needed for development of society: Speakers  


Islamabad, MAR 7 /DNA/ – Women and girls in Pakistan need more spaces to achieve their best potential to play their role in real development of society. The speakers said this during a webinar ‘Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow’ held by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in connection with the International Women’s Day.   

Presenting an overview of women’s development in Pakistan, Ms Aliya Hamza Malik, Member National Assembly, asserted that the growth of a society is unimaginable without the participation of women.  “Women lost jobs twice more as compared to men in the pandemic,” said Ms Malik, adding that women leadership’s response to the challenge of pandemic, however, has given us a silver lining.   

Member National Assembly, Ms Shaza Fatima, was of view that Pakistan is among the worst countries with respect to the gender gap. Thus, the first thing we all need to do is to give the right space and respect to the women to enable them to perform according to their best potentials. It is unfortunate that during time of any calamity, women get the worst; and yet their contribution to counter impact of climate change and for a more sustainable development is commendable.  

Ms Aisha Khan, CEO, Mountain & Glacier Protection Organization said that women are resilient and have the capacity to adapt to the changing environment provided we give them space, equal opportunities, and resources. Moreover, psychological support and a conducive environment in society are important for women which are unfortunately not available in our society.    

Dr Hina Aslam, Research Fellow, SDPI, explained that mainstreaming gender response in the agricultural practices will contribute to household income and can also elevate their financial domestic burdens. She said that we need to give voice to the women and hear them at all levels. It is high time that we encourage our girls to participate and join all the spheres of life and professionals.  

Ms Ayesha Ilyas, Coordinator Advocacy & Policy Outreach, SDPI, earlier highlighted that environmental protection and conservation have been on the agenda for the women since decades, however, giving them the empowerment and space to implement this agenda is a need of the hour.