Bilawal hopeful of no-trust move success


Nadeem Afzal Chan re-joins PPP

Bureau Report

LAHORE: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has suggested Prime Minister Imran Khan to resign before the joint Opposition tables the no-confidence motion against the incumbent government.

The statement came during Bilawal’s interaction with the media at Afzal Nadeem Chan’s residence in Lahore. Chan, meanwhile announced detachment with PTI and joined PPP today. The PPP chairman stopped at Chan’s residence on his way, leading the long march to Islamabad.

He said that the incumbent government has the biggest assessment in front of it in the form of a no-trust motion.”We defeated the government earlier in the Senate and in the National Assembly and will do it again in the future,” Bilawal said while referring to the latest Senate elections.He challenged PM Imran Khan to dissolve the assembly, “which he has always threatened to do,” if he has trust in the people that they would elect him again.

“Even if he doesn’t resign and dissolve the assembly, the Opposition is well prepared. We will bring the no-trust motion and take this democratic war to Parliament and get successful,” Bilawal said.

Bilawal said that the way all the Opposition parties have come together to oppose the incumbent government has taken the government under pressure.”The government has never been under this much pressure as it is nowadays”.He further stated that he has been listening to PM Khan’s statements for the last three years and has observed that he [PM Imran Khan] is addicted to taking U-turns while the PPP does not.We have always been consistent in our stance, he added.

“PPP’s stance from the day one has been to counter him [PM Imran Khan] on both the fronts, that is the people and the parliament,” Bilawal said, adding that the majority that constituted the PTI-led government was not an organic majority.

He said that it is an inorganic majority that has been enforced upon the country.When asked about the failed no-confidence motion that had been tabled against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Bilawal said that the main difference between it and the one they are trying to bring is that the former was an undemocratic move.