BEIJING, Mar 4 (DNA): Pakistan ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said that Two Sessions are a very important part of the political calendar of China and have a great significance and these are always awaited with great interest not only in China but in the entire world.

The term “Two Sessions” refers to the annual conferences of the National People’s Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Haque told China Economic Net that last year he sat in on these sessions as an observer and he is again going to attend the session because in these sessions the Chinese government not only review the progress of last year’s performance but also set targets, especially economic targets for the next year and you can learn a lot in these sessions.

“These are very important because China is an important country, the second-largest economy in the world. So whatever decisions are taken in these sessions can have not only an impact on the Chinese economy but also on the global economy”, he mentioned.

He said that the Belt and Road Initiative has been joined by more than 126 countries, regions and many international organizations. While China is investing a lot in those countries in terms of infrastructure, industrialization, agriculture, and other fields, therefore any decisions which are taken have an impact on those projects also.

“We are very much impressed by the vision of the Chinese leadership, especially by President Xi, who has now also launched the Global Development Initiative, which is basically to focus on bringing equity and justice to development, especially for the poor in developing countries. 

We are very confident of these important decisions that are going to be made in these two sessions”, the ambassador mentioned.

Moin further said that the Communist Party of China (CPC) has celebrated its 100 years last year and Pakistan has congratulated CPC and its leadership on this landmark milestone, which they achieved, added that CPC roles in the development peaceful rise of China and the country in those difficult times, has given lots of sacrifices for the nation and over the years it has contributed to the Chinese development.

“I think the best part of Communist Party of China governance model that is its people-centric approach, whatever the decisions are taken only for the welfare of the people of China. We have seen it during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have seen it in terms of the poverty alleviation program, and we appreciate the role they have played for bringing Pakistan China together”, the ambassador told CEN.

Haque further said that the main architects of Pakistan-China friendship were the stalwarts of all previous leadership, and now President Xi Jinping himself is taking that tradition of support from CPC to strengthen the Pakistan-China relationship

” I’m very confident that with the support of CPC Chinese government, Chinese people institutions, China- Pakistan friendship will continue to grow and it’s an all-weather strategic partnership. We are Iron- brother, and in Pakistan, we really value the support given by CPC”, Moin stated.