Book launching ceremony “MY TREE BOOK ” organized at PNCA


ISLAMABAD /DNA/ – Pakistan National Council of the Arts in collaboration with Gogi Studios and the Ministry of Climate Change has organized a book launching ceremony “My Tree Book” along with a Mime & cartoon show  at PNCA. The event was meant to enlighten youth and children about the negative impact of less tree environment on climate resulting in global warming and importance of trees and forests in controlling the rising temperatures and Glacier Lake outburst flooding. Ms. Nigar Nazar, renowned cartoonist and Illustrator has authored this book and lauding her effort, PNCA has organized the book launch ceremony -cum show  at PNCA’s Auditorium in collaboration with Gogi Studio and the Ministry of Climate Change.  Mr. Zahir Shah, Director General PNCA welcomed the honourable chief guest Malik Amin Aslam, Federal Minister and Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Climate Change, Mr. Jaudat Ayaz, Federal Additional Secretary (MOCC) and Project Director (Glof ) and H.E Manuel Duran Ginenze-Rico, Ambassador of Spain Embassy in Pakistan. He also thanked Ms. Nigar Nazar, the first Pakistani female cartoonist to present such an informative book with interactive style of description and illustration through cartoons which will definitely help and encourage the audience and public to overcome environmental issues. Mr. Jaudat Ayaz, Project Director (Glof-IN/ Additional Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change while recalling his childhood memories of seeing Gogi on TV and newspapers told the audience that Gogi was the popular cartoon character in 1970s &1980, while going to school and college he eagerly used to see gogi cartoons on TV and in newspapers. He also thanked Ms. Nigar Nazar to present some information on awareness on Golf issues in her “My Tree Book”. Golf (glacial lake outburst flooding) is a possible hazardous flood in northern areas of Pakistan leading to loss of of lives, properties and livelihoods of the communities living in remote and impoverished areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan which can be handled through growing trees in areas besides taking other precautionary measures. Malik Amin Aslam, chief guest of the ceremony while talking to the audience, highlighted the danger of pollution on environment through quoting an instance of piling up of plastic garbage equivalent to two mountains of K2 which he related with “kooray ka jin” authored by Ms. Nigar Nazar in 2002 when he was State Minister for the Ministry of Environment. He applauded consistent commitment of Ms. Nigar Nazar to create awareness on social & environmental issues through her comic and record books especially “Garbage Monster/ Kooray ka Jinn” & “My Tree Book” emphasizing on impact of pollution, Glof & global warming on environment and climate and the presenting the ways out to cope up with these issues. PNCA & Gogi Studios also presented ” My Tree Book ” through a song “Aik Achai bhi Achi hai ”, a mime and cartoon show which was highly applauded by the guests and students. Ms. Nigar Nazar while formally launching her book has eagerly and keenly 1 educated students through illustrations to clean the environment, not let the other children and elders throw garbage on public places, grow trees and enjoy a clean and cool environment. She in her record book, “My Tree Book” has illustrated and described the importance of tree in keeping the environment clean, presented information on process of planting seeds and growing trees, functions of trees to purify water and pollutants, unique trees in the world and steps taken to cope with Glof through Glog II project which will install automatic weather stations, build structures and plant trees to avoid glacier flooding. She also told students to do aik achai through sowing seeds as this aik achia by everyone will result in growing trees in millions in Pakistan. Ms. Asma Rashid, Member PNCA’s Board of Govemors also appreciated role of Ms. Nigar Nazar, the first female cartoonist in Pakistan and the Muslim World to create awareness on social issues through cartoons and animations over the last forty years. The event was highly enjoyed by the audience and successfully concluded with distribution of seeds encouraging all to plant seeds and grow trees in their surroundings. Ms. Nigar Nazar also announced distribution of her book in school.