CDA conducts operation against illegal construction


ISLAMABAD, FEB 23 /DNA/ – On the direction of the management of the Capital Development Authority, the Enforcement Directorate on Wednesday, with the assistance of the district administration and Islamabad Police, conducted massive operations against encroachments and illegal construction in different areas of ​​Islamabad. During this operation several encroachments and illegal constructions were demolished with the help of heavy machinery and 3 truck of encroachment material were also confiscated.

According to the details, these operations were started from Dhok Tahli area of ​​Bari Imam ​​Islamabad. While enforcing the land mafia, the Department of Enforcement demolished 17 illegal rooms, 15 four boundary walls, 4 washrooms, 3 kitchens, 7 doors and 5 DPCs built on government land with the help of heavy machinery.

In addition, the CDA’s Enforcement Department carried out several operations in the Mandi Mor area to eliminate encroachments and illegal constructions,  40 fruit stalls, six temporary hotels and an illegal shop were demolished with the help of heavy machinery.  These encroachments were disrupting the flow of traffic.

On the occasion, the CDA administration said that protection of government lands is our top priority and no concessions will be made to the land mafia and these measures are aimed at keeping Islamabad free from illegal constructions and encroachments.=DNA