ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to promote trade links through exchanges of business delegations for nurturing closer understanding between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

The All Pakistan Business Forum president Syed Maaz Mahmood inked the MoU on behalf of his association while Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Yerzhan Kistafin represented his country.

APBF president Syed Maaz Mahmood, addressing the ceremony, said the Forum will extend full cooperation and support to strengthen trade and economic ties between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

He said that the Forum through the Embassy of Kazakhstan will arrange B2B meetings, conducting business delegation visits for sector specific match-making and interaction between development initiatives and the stakeholders. He said that these activities will also increase economic ties and support on social development. He said that agriculture plays a pivotal role in the life of Pakistan’s economy as it accounts for around 20% of GDP, as Agriculture not only furnishes food and raw material but also employment opportunities to a very large proportion of population as well, he added. We are effectively striving to bring business leaders, chambers and associations on a united platform to endeavor for a strong and prosperous Pakistan with sustainable growth, ensured through effective policies followed in continuity, resulting in better quality of life for the people of Pakistan.

Syed Maaz informed that APBF has made numerous valuable contributions towards the progress and growth of the national economy. We are making consistent efforts to identify and engage resourceful organizations and entrepreneurs to create new opportunities and mutual benefits through our shared values and wisdom.

On this occasion, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Yerzhan Kistafin said that his Embassy is focused on a wide range of programs to collaborate with Pakistan, as both sides have agreed to boost bilateral trade and investment through proactive approach and improved engagement.

According to the MoU, both the stakeholders would work together to improve the trade, commerce and economic relations between the two countries. They would adopt a new strategy for exchange of information relating to their respective markets. The accord would help facilitate the exchange of trade teams between the two countries, as the participants from both sides also vowed to work jointly to identify snags affecting trade between them.

He said that bilateral trade between Pakistan and Kazakhstan needs to be enhanced as both the countries have potential and resources to strengthen their economic ties. He said that Pakistan and Kazakhstan’s two-way trade is not significant, but the MoU is a step in the right direction as it will help increase the overall volume of trade between the two countries.

Yerzhan Kistafin appreciated the APBF for arranging the ceremony, aimed at promoting trade relations between Kazakhstan and Pakistan by conducting by B2B meetings and match making in various sectors.

APBF wants to diversify Pakistan exports and want to find new partners for doing business. I believe that Pakistan really has a lot of potential to promote itself, and Kazakhstan is one country which provides excellent business opportunities, he said.