PM emphasizes on close coordination b/w Islamabad, Tehran on Afghanistan situation


Islamabad : Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphasized on close coordination between Pakistan and Iran through the platform of six neighbouring countries on evolving situation in Afghanistan.

Talking to the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Iran Major General Mohammad Bagheri in Islamabad, he said the two countries have direct stake in peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan wishes to see a peaceful and stable Afghanistan with sustainable economy and promoting connectivity.

He also underscored that the international community must remain positively engaged, provide urgently needed humanitarian assistance and take steps to prevent economic collapse.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for unfreezing of Afghanistan’s financial assets to help support the Afghan people at this critical juncture, especially before the onset of the winter.

Imran Khan also underscored the importance of national reconciliation and inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister described the Pakistan-Iran border as a border of ‘peace and friendship’ and underlined the importance of steps taken for enhanced security on both sides.

He also noted agreement on the establishment of Border Sustenance Markets and stressed that the operationalization of these markets would facilitate livelihood in the region.

The Prime Minister appreciated Iran’s steadfast support on the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, especially by the Supreme Leader and said Kashmiris look forward to Iran’s strong voice in support of their just cause.