Platform set up to give Pakistan mango industry a leg-up in Asian countries


BEIJING,11  Oct 2021a : In a landmark move to improve mango quality and rev up the mango industry, the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS) and work groups from South and Southeast Asian countries initiated the South and Southeast Mango Network (SSMN) at the recently held workshop on Research and Development of Mango Industry in South and Southeast Asia in China’s southwest city of Kunming.

According to China Economic Net (CEN), mango producers have long been plagued by poor varieties, diseases and pests, and unmatched supply in the mango industry.

In 2020, for example, Pakistan suffered from appalling locust attacks, which took a heavy toll on mango production in the country. Against this background, major mango producers in the south and southeast Asia collaborated to set up the South and Southeast Mango Network (SSMN).

“We will soon invite Pakistan to join the Network and make concerted efforts to boost the mango industry in south and southeast countries,” said Dr. Chen Xiuhua, Deputy-Director of International Cooperation Division of YASS and Secretary-General of SSMN, in an interview with CEN.

Dr. Chen said, the Network will focus on five aspects of cooperation. As a first step, the Network will facilitate the sharing of technology, information, and resources among its members, and enhance scientific collaboration and exchanges.

Members will also conduct joint research and demonstration of mango varieties and technologies, and jointly apply for and chair scientific projects.

In addition, members will also promote scientific achievements and translate them into agricultural and industrial practices. Cooperation will also cover technological training and talent cultivation.

According to the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (YAAS), members will draw on their respective advantages under the Network, and work towards innovative solutions and technologies to boost mango production and mango germplasms, thereby ensuring the healthy development of the mango industry among the members and bringing more revenues to mango farmers.

The South and Southeast Mango Network (SSMN) has currently attracted 17 members, including one international organisation and research institutions from eight countries including China, Iran, Thailand and Myanmar.