Russian IT entrepreneur arrested in Moscow for high treason


MOSCOW: The founder of Russian internet security firm Group-IB was arrested for high treason in Moscow on Wednesday.

Ilya Sachkov, who denies the allegations, will remain in custody for the next two months. Further details about the case have not been made public, though radio station Ekho Moskvy reported that Sachkov is accused of passing information to foreign intelligence agencies.

On Tuesday, the police searched the Moscow offices of Group-IB, which employs over 500 people and specializes in combating cyber attacks and preventing online fraud.

Following the arrest, the Kremlin only commented to say that it did not expect any impact on the investment climate of Russia’s IT industry.

However, Boris Titov, the Russian ombudsman for entrepreneurs, warned that the investigation must be fully transparent, otherwise Russia’s IT sector will risks a severe blow with spooked businesses leaving the country.