ISLAMABAD, SEPT 8 (DNA) – World Physical Therapy Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of September. The day is an opportunity for physical therapists to create awareness about the fundamental contribution therapist makes in keeping people pain free, mobile and independent. The focus for this year’s World PT Day is rehabilitation and Long COVID and the role of physiotherapists in the treatment and management of people affected by Long COVID.

Shifa International Hospital’s Rehabilitation Department carried out multiple activities focusing on creating awareness regarding the role of physical therapy in the COVID-19 rehabilitation process.

Mr. Taimoor Shah, Chief Operating Officer, SIH stated with regard to the Physical therapy day, physiotherapy is an established profession globally and the role physical therapists are playing during this pandemic in the management of patients admitted to hospital with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 is commendable.

Mr. Kashif Khan, Associate General Manager Rehabilitation Department, SIH stated, physical therapists aim to improve physical recovery following acute illness. He shared, the data suggest that physiotherapy is beneficial for improved respiratory mechanism and physical rehabilitation in the long COVID.

Ms. Faiza Badar, Manager Rehabilitation Department, SIH while highlighting the importance of continuation of care after discharge from hospital, talked about the integration of technology-based healthcare solutions, how patients can access experienced & qualified physical therapists and other healthcare services at their doorstep utilizing home health services.=DNA