ANKARA, AUG 16: Turkmenistan’s embassy to Turkey kicked off on Monday a two-day culture, art and photography exhibition in the National Library building in the capital Ankara.

Organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence to be marked on Sept.27, the exhibition, arranged in partnership with the Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry and the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY), gathered many people, including senior authorities, bureaucrats, and representatives of foreign missions in the country.

Following the national anthems of both countries, Ambassador Ishankuli Amanlyev speaking at the opening ceremony said that his country gained its independence at the” most critical stage in human history.”

“The field of culture and art gains special importance in the context of Turkmenistan’s recognition in the international arena as the country that initiated global progressive transformations,” he said.

“This area is an important factor in the implementation of the Turkmen state’s foreign policy, which aims to develop international cooperation towards achieving universal peace, prosperity and sustainable development,” Amanlyev added.

He went on to say that the development of culture and arts, science, education, and new technology gains nowadays play a “decisive role” in the comprehensive development of Turkmenistan.

The envoy underlined the importance of the “cultural rebirth strategy” implemented by the Central Asian country, adding that Turkmenistan’s cultural values and national heritage of nation is “re-kneaded” in today’s conditions and come to light in a “modern way.”

“The ancient culture, which is an important factor in the development process of the Turkmen state, on the one hand meets the demands of the new historical age, on the other hand, offers a great and unique potential for Turkmenistan to advance on the path of democratic and socio-economic development,” he said.

Amanlyev highlighted that today, culture is considered as the “reinforcing and inspiring power” of the society at the level of state policy, the carrier of moral and aesthetic criteria, the basis of democratic and social transformations, and the most important source of development of the nation and country.

He noted that one of the main elements of Turkmenistan’s foreign policy is the development of cultural cooperation which serves to strengthen the relations of friendship and mutual understanding between the world countries.

Culture, art, science and education are among the priorities of cooperation between Turkmenistan and Turkey, he said.


Turkey’s Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Serdar Cam, also speaking at the opening ceremony, congratulated Turkmenistan’s 30th independence anniversary, and stressed that all the Turkic states are members of a “big family”.

Cam said that the cultural events are a reminder to the whole world that the Turkic countries are united “as a sole family.”

“We wish the flood of love and affection from our ancestral homeland to flow forever,” he said.

Cam also emphasized that they are proud to work with Turkmenistan in organizations such as the Turkic Council and TURKSOY.

Following the speeches, Cam and Amanlyev along with other authorities officially opened the exhibition with ribbon cutting.

The exhibition includes unique photographs of Turkmenistan, paintings by Turkmen artists, traditional clothes, musical instruments and decorations belonging to Turkmen culture.