‘84 Afghan soldiers entered Uzbekistan’


The Uzbek authorities are in touch with the Afghan govt for the safe return of the soldiers


TASHKENT:  According To Uzbek foreign ministry officials a group of Afghan soldiers crossed the state border with Afghanistan in the number of 84 people crossed the line of the state border and was detained by border guards of the SGB, while violators did not resist and asked for help medical number, for three injured.

These Afghan citizens have been carried out the necessary filtration procedures and sanitary and epidemiological measures, some are provided with medical care, and food and temporary accommodation.

At the same time, the Afghan part of the Termez-Haroton bridge noted a cluster of Afghan government troops. These persons are taking measures to provide humanitarian aid.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan talks with the Afghan side to return Afghan citizens to their homeland and resolve the situation in the Termez-Khairaton bridge.

In addition, during August 14, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan were returned from the service staff of the Termez-Mazar-Sharif railway section.

It should be noted that the protection of the state border is carried out in increased mode, all necessary security measures have been taken. The Termez will deploy the operational headquarters, which includes heads of security agencies and representatives of state authorities.