ISLAMABAD – Pakistan can’t afford another influx of Afghan refugees, the Foreign Office said Friday. In a media briefing in Islamabad, Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri reiterated that Pakistan is the biggest wisher of peace in the region. “But we believe that Afghanistan needs to end the war itself.”

Pakistan has a clear position that the withdrawal of US troops should not create a security vacuum in the region.

“India has always played the role of a spoiler in Afghanistan, which was been proven and revealed in the international media time and again,” Chaudhri said. “Our reports have shown that the Afghan soil is being used by the NDS and RAW for terrorism.”

The reports have been shared with the international community and will be presented in the United Nations as well.

The spokesperson added that a meeting of the Extended Troika including special envoys from Pakistan, the US, China, and Russia was held in Doha yesterday [August 12].

The deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan was discussed in it, along with ways of expediting the intra-Afghan peace talks. They will help achieve an inclusive political settlement in the land-locked country and bring an end to the four decades-long conflicts in Afghanistan, he said.

These were Extended Troika countries discussed the following points:

  • There was a need for urgent measures to reduce violence leading to a ceasefire in Afghanistan.
  • There was no military solution to the Afghan conflict.
  • The Afghan govt should put forward its peace plans on a priority basis so that progress is made towards a political roadmap.
  • There is a need for all sides to respect human rights and not indulge in any violations.

Dasu attack

In a meeting of the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the use of Afghan soil for terrorism in Pakistan was deeply concerning and disappointing.

On Thursday, he revealed that India’s RAW and Afghanistan’s NDS were involved in the planning and executions of the Dasu explosion in which 13 Chinese men were killed.

Qureshi said the investigations also revealed that the perpetrators’ primary intention was to attack the Diamer Bhasha Dam site and failure to execute the plan lead them to target the Chinese nationals.