By Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

It seems the pandemic is here to stay. One after the other a new wave and variant of the virus are reported to be affecting the population. During such times of distress, the best strategy is to keep ourselves safe and protected. We must, under all circumstances, follow standard operating procedures and social distancing measures. Masks must be worn at all times whenever we are outside and sanitizers must be used after every half an hour or forty-five minutes. We must avoid touching others and must use our stationery, items, etc. We should not eat outside or order food. Reliance must be to cook food at home. Those going to the office must take food from home as well. Parents must monitor their children and keep them safe and indoors as much as possible. When going out in public we must avoid touching anything. The recent variant, Delta, and the newest one, Epsilon, have been termed as more lethal than the previous variants. We must take care of our diet and consume fruits, vegetables, soups, and juices to keep ourselves healthy.  Our immunity increases by taking proper food, drinking water, sleeping for eight hours, avoiding junk food and cold drinks, and having a positive outlook.  The government has ordered us to pursue SOPs for our safety. Moreover, getting vaccinated must be a top priority for all. There have been cases reported where elders (over 70 years) did not opt to be vaccinated thinking they are safe at home but they contract the virus and end up facing health issues that prove to be lethal. It must be our responsibility to keep ourselves safe and to protect others too. We should be aware that this virus has affected us collectively. We need to fight against it at a collective level. Following SOPs and all measures must be our priority.