Sadaf Kanwal, model and wife of actor Shahroz Sabzwari, has enraged a number of people for reducing feminism to household chores and taking care of the husbands.

A clip from an interview featuring Sadaf and Shahroz has topped Twitter trends. When asked about how she interprets feminism, Sadaf says, “Aurat is not bechari at all. A woman is very strong. I feel very strong and surely you [the host] must be strong as well.” 

She believes that the Aurat March is an entirely different debate.

“In our society, our culture is our husband,” Sadaf said. “I have to pick up his shoes, iron his clothes (which I seldom do, but I know where they are kept). I should know where Sherry’s [Shehroz] stuff is and what and when he has to eat.”

For Sadaf, feminism is taking care of her husband and giving him respect as this is what she has seen and been taught growing up. She ascribed feminism to increasing “liberals” in society and said that because she is a woman, she should know more about her husband than he does. Sadaf’s remarks have prompted a strong backlash from many people who argued that women like herself don’t represent those who are oppressed and subjected to violence. They are upset because they think Sadaf’s interpretation of feminism is “myopic and patriarchal”. Some people have defended the model too, saying that she only put forth her views when asked about them and that everyone has the right to express themselves.Sadaf and Shahroz tied the knot in a simple ceremony in May 2020. Shahroz was married to actor Syra Yousuf for seven years and they have a daughter named Nooreh Shahroz.