CDA establishes special emergency response centers in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD (DNA): A special emergency response centers has been set up across the Islamabad on the special instructions of the CDA administration in view of the dangers posed by monsoon rains and floods.  All possible facilities should be provided to deal with emergencies during monsoon rains.

The staff of Sanitation department, Environment department, M&RM, E&DM and MCI in all the Emergency Response Centers are equipped with modern machinery to serve the citizens of Islamabad round the clock, the CDA management has also hired the staff of Rescue 1122 in case of any emergency.

Furthermore, on the special direction of CDA management, 2500 field staff of environment department, 2000 staff of sanitation and staff of MPO, engineering and MCI are available on call to deal with any emergency situation to provide high quality services  to the citizens

It should be noted that all the Emergency Response Centers perform their duties directly under the direct supervision of DG Civic Management, DG Environment, DG Services, Director E&DM, Director M&RM, They are in constant coordination with each other to provide high quality services to the citizens in case of any emergency.