Dr M Ali Hamza

In his tenure so far, Prime Minister of Pakistan has made around 29 foreign official trips to different countries for strengthening bilateral relations or to attend the conventions. These official trips include; 7 visits to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 3 to China, 4 to UAE, 2 to Malaysia,2 to Qatar, 2 to Iran, 2 to Switzerland comprising an attendance at 50th World Economic Forum, 2 to USA including a participation at 74th meeting of UNGA,   1 to Turkey, 1 visit to Kyrgyzstan to attend 2019 SCO Summit, and a visit to Sri Lanka, Bahrain and Uzbekistan. The outcome of such visits is normally a list of signed MOUs for mutual development or exchange programs. The end-up of such meet-ups is generally a set of promises for joint socio-economic or socio-political efforts. Besides MOUs, the recent two days visit of PM Imran Khan to Tashkent; Uzbekistancarries something exclusive. Exclusive is the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan in a joint press conference with Uzbek President ShavkatMirziyoyev,  that Pakistan and Uzbekistan will develop a film on the first Mughal emperor;Zaheerud din Babar. This is a unique announcement and thisproclamation refers to aconcept of media-matchmaking.

Country to country media-matchmaking is not only about collaboration of news agencies. It’s about mass communication through broadcasting, publishing online magazines, jointly making drama serials, composing songs together, creating joint Vlogs, establishing blogs for mutual interests, and definitely producing feature films. Pakistan lags behind in the said. Though we observe some joint media ventures between Pakistan and China and the exchange of personnel is witnessed. But was it a part of an institutional framework of comprehensive cooperation and strategic partnership between the two countries, drafted by Pakistan. Just imagine the unfathomable impact of having a media-matchmaking of Pakistan with China, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Qatar, and for future with Russia, Iran, ASEAN countries especially Indonesia and Malaysia.  It will not only help in establishing soft image of Pakistan within partnering countries and among their public but will also construct more awareness among our own people regarding friendly partners.

The writer is a columnist and broadcast journalist. He can be reached at