John Mc Carthy the man who has coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” never had an idea that thousands of articles will be written for/against ‘artificial intelligence’ only due to the fear and myths about it. Generally, it is assumed that AI is introduced and has been programmed to do something devastating against human beings or it is a war of technology verse human beings. One of the most common fear is that AI will take over the job market and millions of people in the world will be jobless.

Artificial Intelligence versus Machine learning and deep learning

Artificial intelligence is the science of getting machines to mimic the behavior of humans. machine learning is the subset of AI that focuses on getting machines to decide by feeding them data on the other hand deep learning is the subset of machine learning that uses the concept of a neural network to solve complex problems. So we can say that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are interconnected fields. Both machine learning and deep learning feed artificial intelligence by providing algorithms and neural networks to solve data-driven problems. However, AI is not only dependent on these two. AI covers a huge field including robotics, natural language processing, expert systems, and a lot more.

 Jobs at high risk due to AI

Kai-Fu Lee mentions in his book “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World order,” almost 50% of the jobs worldwide will be taken over by AI. Drivers, cashiers, Farmers, Publishers, travel agents, receptionists, proofreaders, market research analysts, and many more could be handled by machines.

Jobs that are safe in an AI world

AI is very powerful but it cannot do everything, which humans can do. So, the good news in few jobs is still safe when it comes to AI. AI cannot do tasks comprised of compassion and creativity. The twist in the story is AI cannot deal with empathy it can produce answers based on data and data analysis but deal with the human while having an empathetic approach is beyond AI’s boundaries and control. Counseling of patients, computer science and engineering, fiction writing, even teaching, and science are the field that could be safer in the world of AI. AI can be your friend as well and can provide you a resource that can listen to you like a mother, and even you can program that resource according to your wish. It feels really exciting when you imagine your pizza delivery boy a robot but actually, that robot is a replacement of a human being.

Possible Solution

As we all know that the rapidly growing pharmaceutical world is inventing cures for diseases which is increasing life expectancy.  That means more population and fewer jobs. The solution to this whole revolution of AI is either to control the population to create such job markets which can alive human creativity so that the human race will not only look towards government and become complacent. When it comes to wars and political governments of countries have to be extremely vigilant when and where to use AI which would not harm the entire human race. So AI is a blessing if used empathetically and with a humane approach.