Terrorist abduct 16 laborers from mobile tower site Khurram district


KHURRAM: 16 laborers working at a mobile tower site in Kurram Tribal District were abducted by unknown Terrorists. On 27 June, 10 out of 16 labourers were released and body of one labourer was found. To rescue the remaining 5 x abducted laborer, security forces launched series of Intelligence Based Operations in highly inhospitable terrain under extreme weather conditions.
Terrorists were continuously tracked and pursued. In an Intelligence Based Operation on 13 July 21, 3 terrorists were killed and Captain Basit Ali and Sepoy Hazrat Bilal sacrificed their lives for this honorable cause of rescuing the innocent laborers.
With determination, Security Forces continued the pursuit of Terrorists and on 15 July 21 during another exchange of fire, successfully rescued 5 x abducted laborer.
The operation is still under way to apprehend / eliminate the remaining Terrorists. Security Forces are consistently endeavoring to ensure the security and well being of our innocent civilians who have been whole heartedly supporting the security forces in fighting the menace of terrorism.