Tennis camp for special kids begins



ISLAMABAD, July 11: Under the ages of Special Olympics Pakistan more  then thirty five special kids are taking part in tennis camp for special childrens with disibilities to improve their skills in the field of tennis.

The three months long tennis camp aimed  to introducing the game of tennis to special people are organised with the colloboration of Engro Foundation and  Islamabad Tennis Complex

innugurated by Regional Head of Engro  Foundation Fareed Mehdi.

“We have recently established the Benazir Bhutto Academy at the Complex. Since special people are also an important part of society, it is pertinent for us to engage them in healthy activities. We have decided to teach the basics of tennis. This practice will continue for the next three months-three days a week. Hopefully, by the end of this initial period, the majority of these would be in a position to know and play the game by learning the basics,” Level III coaching instructor Kamran Khalil who is looking after the programme, said.

Regional Sports Director Special Olympics Shumaila Irum thanked the ICT and Engro Foundation for making it possible for special persons to start learning tennis.

“The initiative would go a long way in making these special people an important and active part of the society. These youngsters look so keen to learn that even after spending three hours at courts, they still persist to play more. I am excited to see their keen interest. A tournament for special people (age and category wise) will also be arranged at the end of the three months of training,” she said.

The Complex Administrator Fazle Subhan said it was pertinent for all of us to come forward and engage special persons in healthy activities. “What they need is special treatment. They need to be engaged in such healthy activities that would help them stay active. I am thankful to Engro Foundation for helping us out.”

The Foundation Regional head Zaheer Mehdi said that every effort would be made to help a special person pursue the game of tennis. “Though initially, this initiative is for three months, our efforts will organize such programme on yearly basis, helping special people pursue healthy activities on the pattern of others.”