Mansha Pasha explains why she didn’t change surname after marriage


ISLAMABAD – Were you wondering too why Mansha Pasha didn’t change her surname after getting married to activist Jibran Nasir?

“Yes, because it’s not required in Islam,” was the actor’s response to a question from a follower.

Mansha then wrote in an Instagram story that she was not trying to be a “perfect Muslim”.

“Like everyone else reading this post, I am full of flaws and a sinner too,” she said. “But when and where I can, I do try to do my best to improve.”

Mansha remarked that Islam encourages women to keep their names as their identity and hence she decided not to change


The actor made it clear, however, that she was not judging women who keep the names of their husbands.

Mansha tied the knot with Jibran in April 2021. They are among the most favourite celebrity couples in Pakistan.