PM always promotes Quaid’s ideology; government sets record of $26 billion exports


ISLAMABAD:  Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Ali Nawaz Awan has said that the government has taken some pragmatic measures to uplift country’s economic situation.

“Under the leadership of Imran Khan, the federal government has sincerely started moving forward on the path of economic development by eliminating the fiscal deficit of 20 billion dollar this year,” Ali Nawaz added

He expressed these views at a dinner hosted by Zafar Bakhtawari Secretary General UBG in honor of visiting delegation of Council of Economic and energy Journalists from Karachi.

The Special Assistant said that Prime Minister Imran Khan always promoted the Quaid-e-azam ideology of self-reliance, which will help Pakistan to come out from economic crisis.

The government has also abolished the duty to promote exports and provided the highest incentives in this regard. He further claims that first time in the history of Pakistan, the government has set a record of exports which is close to 26 billion dollars.

On the other hand, Zafar Bakhtawari, Secretary General of United Business Group, said that a healthy business environment in which policies always formulate in consultation with the business community has become mandatory for economic uplift.

The best energy policy is thatthe first condition for economic development and for this continuous supply of electricity, gas and oil and stability in prices are essential.

The only private electric company, K-Electric, is being operated in the private sector, but always center of most criticism.

Private sector stands with the K-Electric and considers its success as the success of the private sector

The privatization of entire energy sector has become indispensable for country development.

Besides, President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sardar Yasir Ilyassaid that Pakistan could earn more than $100 billion in foreign exchange by paying proper attention to the agricultural sector alone and this required an agricultural revolution in the country.

He said that attention should be paid to solar energy and exports and new markets should be explored in Africa.

Sardar Ilyas further said that special measures should be taken for the development of InformationTechnology and promotion of its exports.

Senator Sami Azidi in her address said that the present government has formulated the policy in consultation with the present budget traders and we will continue to take the traders into confidence and formulate economic policy.