Experts call for multilateralism, global peace and stability


Korean embassy facilitates seminar on “Middle Power Countries’ Diplomacy on Global Issues

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: MIKTA and South Asian Countries” The Embassy of Korea in Islamabad, Islamabad Policy Research Institute IPRI (PK) and Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security IFANS (KR) organized a seminar on “Middle Power Countries’ Diplomacy on Global Issues: MIKTA and South Asian Countries” in Serena Hotel, Islamabad.

This seminar was held based on the MOU conclusion between IFANS and IPRI in 2011. The seminar explored the middle power countries’ diplomacy contributing to addressing regional and global issues, rules-based global order and the role of MIKTA in a post-pandemic world. MIKTA is a forum among five countries Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia.

The MIKTA seminar featured high-level participation including Chancellor of Korea National Diplomatic Academy Mr. Kim Joon Hyung, National Security Advisor Dr. Moeed W. Yusuf, Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs Mr. Ham Sang wook and Special Representative of the Republic of Korea for Afghanistan & Pakistan Mr. Lee Kyung-chul. A panel discussion included Ambassadors from the Republic of Indonesia, the Republic of Turkey and High Commissioner of the Commonwealth of Australia in Islamabad.

The panelists focused on multilateralism and supporting global peace and stability. MIKTA can be a great example for Pakistan’s middle power diplomacy. The Korean Ambassador remarked “This seminar will hopefully lead to more think-tank collaboration between the both countries”.

The event is a testament to the significance of the policy discussions facilitated by think tanks to enhance understanding of regional and global issues and commitment to solving them especially between Korea and Pakistan.