Muhammad Omar Iftikhar

The news of accidents claiming precious lives and loss of property are shared in print, electronic and social media. People drive recklessly and experience tragedy. Similarly, driving on the wrong side of the road is also a norm that people follow without caution. We have the power to do what is right and refrain from illegal, immoral, and illogical activities. Another case in point is stealing electricity through “kunda connection” which is illegal and a dangerous activity indeed.

 People living in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan must consider following the rules in every walk of life. Precaution is not given heed and safety measures are not followed. Just imagine a wagon or a car hastily crossing the railway line despite the signals indicating the arrival of a train. Within seconds, the lives of those on the train and in the wagon are changed forever. Even in the cities such as Karachi and Lahore, daredevil teenagers ride their motorcycles while performing stunts.

This causes distraction for other drivers while the teenagers put their life at a risk. Accidents and mishaps occur because of human negligence. We tend to show haste, ignore precaution, and work without giving heed to the consequences of our actions. Western societies follow the principle of “safety first.”

They use all measures to protect themselves those that protect others as well. A simple example seen in our society is a person changing a flat tire of a car. He lays stones at a distance to indicate that there is a blockade ahead. This can cause injury to someone walking on foot or someone riding.

A motorcycle too can lose balance when coming in contact with the stones. People need to be careful when they are on the road, whether walking or driving. Precaution at home, office, and on the road is a must and should be pursued under all circumstances.