Deputation period of government officers will be three years: LHC


LAHORE, June 19 (DNA): Lahore High Court (LHC) Saturday passed an
important verdict regarding government officers’ deputation period and
transfers during the deputation.

The court has declared that the deputation period of the government
officers will be three years whereas the concerned authority can send
back the officers to their respective departments any time it wants.

Justice Shan Gul passed the verdict comprising of 16 pages. It was also
declared in the verdict that the petitioner failed to clarify as to
which of his legal rights were affected.

As per the verdict, the procedure for the deputation was not clarified
in the Punjab Civil Service Act 1974. Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) has
defined deputation in many of its verdicts.

It was further stated in the verdict that there was no difference in
transfer and deputation as per the court’s approved definition.

The verdict stated that as per the article 17 of the Punjab Deputation
Policy, the period of deputation will be three years, however, the
concerned authority can transfer the officer without any reason.

The court dismissed the petition of Assistant Accounts Officer Muhammad
Shahid as inadmissible.