ISLAMABAD: A meeting of business man associated with the Chain pharmacy from across the country was held in Lahore, which was attended by all the concerned person.

In this meeting issues related to business of retail pharmacy was discussed and future course of action was also finalized. the office bearers were also elected unanimously .Mehboob Ahmed Clinics Lahore as President, Zahid Bakhtawari D Watson pharmacy as General secretary , Arjumand Maqsood Mehmood Pharmacy Lahore as a Senior Vice President and  Tariq Mehmood Shaheen Chemist as a Vice President ,and Zain Maqsood  as a Media Coordinator will run the affairs of chain pharmacy association .it was discussed that

Chain Pharmacy businessman have set up an exemplary institutions to improve their business and are providing  better services to the people and will continue to play their effective role in providing better medical services to the people. In this regard A strategy to resolve the related issues were also made and the elected officials will also hold meetings with the pharmaceutical companies .it was also noted that all the health workers is given front line status but pharmacy staff which struggle 24hours has not been recongnised as front line workers and this is the dilemma of our system .Also present at the meeting were Kamran Khan Sobi green pharmacy , Bilal Maqsood Mehmood pharma , Atiq-ur-Rehman from Green Plus Lahore Pharmacy Syed Usman from Farooq CSH Pharma ,Zafar Bakhtawari and Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari from D Watson Group of Pharmacies Ali Farooq, Hamza Farooq mehmood pharma, Tahir Abbas  from Survaid  Lahore pharma , Haroon Sheikh survaid and Taimur Sheikh from Fazal din pharma  Lahore attended the meeting.