Over 70 million Covid vaccine doses to administers in Pakistan till end of year 2021: Nausheen Hamid


ISLAMABAD, May 10  : Parliamentary Secretary, National Health Services Regulations and Coordination Dr Nausheen Hamid on Monday said that over 70 million (7 crore) Coronavirus vaccine doses would be administrated in Pakistan till the end of this year 2021.

She said a biggest Coronavirus center would be set up in Capital city soon and the numbers of Covid related vaccine centers are being increased in all cities of Punjab.

She said Pakistan recently starts the production of vaccine and recently received frozen bags of the vaccine from the CanSino facility in China which will now be processed into the finished vaccine and securely packaged in vials in Islamabad to produce nearly 120,000 doses of the vaccine.

She said the vaccine would go through multiple tests during the process before being labeled and packed and then loaded into the freezers.

She said CanSino vaccine consignment would reached in country within next few days and there is no any shortage of vaccine in the country.

Nausheen Hamid said federal government would further speed up the vaccination process and increase the capacity to administer three lakh Covid-19 vaccine doses per day in coming days after Eid.

She further urged citizens the age of 40 to register themselves to get vaccinated so we can continue our mission to immunize our fellow citizens as we speed up our vaccination.

She said overall the trend of Covid cases declined due to positive policy of smart lock down and strict implementation of SOPs.

She said citizens should keep vigilant on Eid and religious scholars and Imam of mosques should play their role in the enforcement of Standard operating procedures (SOPs) during Eid holidays.