Over four million people registered in Pakistan for corona vaccination


ISLAMABAD  , May 2  : Over four million people have registered themselves for coronavirus vaccination across Pakistan. According to details, overall 40,33,170 people have got them registered including 24,49,032 male and 15,84,140 female.

Moreover, 25 transgender have also been registered for coronavirus vaccination.

Most of the people got them registered for vaccination from Punjab, the largest province of the country. In Punjab 23,84,665 people have opted for vaccination.

In Sindh 7,70,101 persons have got them registered for coronavirus vaccination, while in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 4,92,295 people have been in vaccination list.

Minimum people have been registered in Balochistan province where only 39,847 opted for vaccination.

In Islamabad’s Capital Territory 1,47,409 people have got them registered for vaccine, while in Azad Kashmir 1,14,189 persons and in Gilgit-Baltistan 57,664 people have been registered.

So far, 7,11,389 people have completed their two doses of vaccine including 4,40,990 male and 2,70,398 female.

Punjab has vaccinated maximum people, which is 3,80,664, while 4,71,308 people have got first dose of the vaccine in the province.

Sindh has completed vaccination of 1,79,000 people, while in KP 63, 687 people have completed two doses of vaccination, while 42,710 persons have got first shot of the corona vaccine.

Overall 8,46,555 people have been partially vaccinated including 5,05,743 men and 3,40,809 women.

Moreover, a transgender person has completed vaccination, while three have received single shots of the vaccine so far.

Presently, overall 8,68,790 have been included in the corona vaccination schedule, according to details.