Devcom-Pakistan webinar urged the Muslim leadership and the independent media to stand united against the US decision, and the EU and UN statements against the Ismaophobia for a counter narrative, just and a rational campaign against the religious prejudices.  

Islamabad, MAY 1 (DNA) – Speaking at a webinar on Saturday, the geopolitical experts termed the US President Joe Biden’s decision a politically motivated step whereby he has recognized Armenians killings by the Ottoman Empire in the World War-I as “genocide”. Taking up 106 years old matter with an unfair approach by the US shows the white Christian community’s influence in US politics. It is unjust and partial decision against a long time NATO partner while the historic events and statistics reveals the facts contrary to the quoted ones for the ‘engineered recognition of a so-called genocide’.

They urged the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to stand strong against the mala fide decision of the US president against Turkey. They also suggested the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to mobilize like minded countries to write a strong protest against the politically motivated US decision that is being engineered to pressurize Turkey for vigorously taking up Islamic values and tradition not only in Turkey but across the globe.

Development Communications Network (Devcom-Pakistan) organized the first ever webinar on the topic “US-Turkey standoff on the killings of Armenians in World War-I: Putting up the right context” on Saturday. The panel of experts included Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs chairman Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, Geopolitical analyst Lt. General (Retd) Talat Masood, Director ORSAM Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (Ankra) Professor Dr. Ahmet Uysal, senior journalist from Washington Anwar Iqbal, senior media professional from London Reham Khan, Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed, senior visual artist and art entrepreneur Mahreen Elahi (Karachi), development expert Naseer Gillani, senior journalist from Landon Hamza Azhar Salam.

Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed it is yet another moment in the history when we all Muslim countries and friends of Turkey shall unite together against an engineered and politically motivated decision by the US president. A political commitment with a white Christian Armenian community in the selected districts of the United States is being honoured. While taking up this decision, the US president shall have kept in mind that the opposition to the Armenian stance is a much bigger population in the US. Turkey is also a very strong economic partner of the EU and the US besides being a significant member of NATO. The media across the globe shall be mobilized as a counter narrative building against this illegal decision showing the US double standards. Their eyes are closed on Myanmar, Kashmir, Rwanda, Nagorno Karabakh and many others.

Lt. General (Retd) Talat Masood the US decision against Turkey and many other such decisions show extreme prejudice against Muslims while Islamophobia is being hyppened through different deliberate attempts by the US and some of the Europeans countries. The EU has recently condemned Pakistan for its very rational statement on Islamophobia. To get respect and hounour, the Muslims countries need to understand the strength of unity to become a politically and economically strong bloc. A unanimous and firm stance in favour of Turkey and Islamophobia could lead to some rational behaviour towards the Muslim world. Turkey is standing up against the West and the US, we all shall come together to support it.

Professor Dr. Ahmed Usysal negated all the statistics quoted against Turkey for the recognition of a war killings as baseless and contrary to the historic facts. “We are not accepting any pressure from the West and the US for our internal and external policy, and we would not even if they impose any more such decisions on Turkey. We have defeated the US and its supporters even in the undemocratic events that have happened in Turkey. We stand united against every malicious campaign against Turkey, and ready to have a forum of likeminded experts, think tanks and media to combat the challenges confronting Turkey and all the Muslim world and the friends.   

Devcom-Pakistan Director Munir Ahmed said Turkey is the rising Muslim leadership that is being consider a threat to the US and EU vested interest in the region and in the Muslim world. The country is also a strong voice against Islamophobia, so the non-Muslim powers have to plant strategies against Turkey. The joint forums shall kick off counter narrative campaigns in different countries supported by respective Turkish embassies. This is unfortunate the Turkish embassy in Islamabad was absent from the webinar despite several requests. This is really shocking that many leading think tanks in the region and EU and the US refused to participate. This shows the height of fear that the US and the EU has created on the US-Turkey standoff on the killings of the Armenian in World War-I in 1915.