Srinagar, April 28: JK Salvation Movement chairman on Wednesday demanded release of political prisoners detained under Public Safety Act (PSA). He expressed his deep anguish and concern over the reported worsening condition of prisoners, saying the surge in COVID 19 cases has put their lives in danger .They are being ill-treated and subjected to mental and physical torture in jails.

Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that as COVID cases are incresing in India, we feel the prisnores are facing life threat from virus .Jails are congested places and no proper medical screening is done or medicines provided to detainess ,hence facing life threat .

He put international human rights organizations on notice over the condition of Kashmiri prisoners who are being detained in jails across J&K and India and added that “oppression against Kashmiris, particularly youth, is going on and while quoting relatives of prisoners, said that Kashmiri inmates in these Jail “are subjected to inhuman deprivation of medical treatment; for those who require it. These jails have been turned into concentration camps ,he added ,saying that Shahid ul Islam has tested positive for COVID -19 and still no proper treatment is provided to him nor released on humanitarian grounds .Referring to Huriyat spokesperson Ayaz Akbar , Altaf Ahmad Bhat said that he along with Meraj u Din kalwal ,Altaf Ahmad Shah, Peer Saif ullah were arrested by infamous NIA and despite no grounds they are not being presented in court of law nor released.

Similarly Shabir Ahmad Shah, Nayeem Ahmad Khan , Shahid ul Islam, Farooq Ahmad Dar , Asiya Andrabi, Fehmeeda Sofi, Nahida Nasreen , Gh Mohammad Bhat , Masarat Alam Bhat and hundreds of others were detained against fictitious cases and their cases being delayed on one pretext or the other.

The inmates are put in cells, in solitary confinements,” for long periods, deprived of their contact with near and dear ones and also other basic needs, said Altaf Ahmad Bhat in his statement.

He in his statement while appealing International organisations for human rights, said that they must take cognizance of incarcerated resistance leaders and Kashmiri youth,” asking these world bodies to visit these jails.

“We have reports from different jails and particularly from Tihar jail that Kashmiri prisnors are being targeted,” Altaf Ahmad Bhat said and added that they are meted out worst treatment, saying unavailability of medicines and medical care and substandard quality of food is taking tool on their health .
Detainees are compelled to use dirty and unhygienic utensils and even no proper food is provided as per jail manual, said he.

Altaf Ahmad Bhat strongly criticised Indian authoritis for their callous approach and added that all prisoners languishing in jails are prisoner of conscience and while hailing their sacrifices added that they are pursuing the right to self-determination through peaceful political means.

“BJP led administration surpassed all records and misused PSA against resistance camp , Altaf Ahmad Bhat .Refering to PSA , Altaf Ahmad Bhat said this draconian law has been declared dreaded, heartless and unlawful by international community, however governer administration is implementing BJP agenda by crushing and curbing, genuine voices and basic rights of the Kashmiri people,” he said. 

“Despite quashing of PSA and bailing out by courts, political activists are being re-arrested under infamous Public Safety Act.”
In an appeal to ICRC, Amnesty International and international organization for human rights, Bhat impressed to take their cognizance and use influence for immediate release of all detainees.