Staff Report

ISLAMABAD, APR 21 (DNA) – Ex vice president Islamabad chamber of commerce Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari has said that earth day is being celebrated all over the world today to awaken a sense of love for the earth, water, mountains, forests, greenery and  desserts are maintaining its true spirit is the name of love for the earth.

In a statement on the occasion of world earth Day he said that World Earth day is being celebrated to show love for the land all over the world including Pakistan.

Earth is our common home and the purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness globally that a better ecosystem is essential for life and stability on earth. Environmental pollution and reckless use of land resources have created numerous problems around the world.

The purpose of celebrating world earth day to spread awareness about the damage caused to the earth by environmental pollution and to create awareness among the people about their friendship with the environment. He said that environmental pollution and Climate change is emerging as a major challenge.

 He said that Factors affecting the natural environment must be overcome for a better quality of life, world health day. This day demands that steps be taken in the right direction to secure the planet at the international level.=DNA