Islamabad, APR 21 – Addressing the 2020 petrol crisis, PPP Parliamentary Leader in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman said, “The Inquiry Commission’s report on the 2020 petrol crisis is a damning charge sheet against the government and exposes Tabahi Sarkar’s criminal negligence which paved the way for this crisis”.

“From the illegal appointment of DG Oil to non-storage of oil for 20 days, billions of rupees have been looted by the oil mafias. How is it even possible that OGRA did not ensure that the companies are storing oil for 20 days? The report makes It clear that the government itself created this artificial oil crisis,” she added.

Rehman asked, “Why did the authorities impose a ban on the import of fuel, when the oil prices had been falling in the international market? While other countries were busy ensuring that they have sufficient oil reserves, our government was busy creating an artificial crisis, which the report clearly confirms. Is the government forgetting that it is their duty to ensure and maintain sufficient oil supply in the country?”.

“Even the appointments of OGRA chairperson and its members are dubious. It is obvious that OGRA’s negligence of its responsibilities led to an artificial crisis. Why is there no check and balance to control petrol hoarding?” she questioned.

Rehman said, “Tabahi sarkar is hell-bent on making life difficult for people. International oil prices are at lowest since a decade, hovering around $65/barrel and all we got was a reduction of only Rs 1.5/litre. This insignificant price change is ironic considering there have been 5 big petrol hikes already in 3 months of 2021. Every action by this government reeks of incompetence. Making inquiry commissions to get credit is not enough. Why is the government sleeping and who is running the country?”.

“The government needs to stop misleading the people by playing this report game as the real culprits are actually hiding behind these reports. Also, we all know who these oil mafias are. Notice sarkar will let their friends go scot-free but these culprits must be booked and punished,” concluded Vice President PPPP Senator Sherry Rehman.