UNDP Pakistan builds Gilgit Baltistan Judiciary’s capacity with Human Rights and Rule of Law trainings


Gilgit, 21 March 2021 : Amid many other responsibilities, justice sector professionals are responsible for ensuring citizen’s their basic human rights. It is for this reason that UNDP Pakistan’s Amn-o-Insaf Programme organized two five-day trainings on Human Rights and Rule of Law for the District Judiciary

of Gilgit Baltistan at the Judicial Academy, Gilgit. Held between 8 March to 17 March 2021 while observing strict Covid SOPs, the first round of the training was for judges from Gilgit Division while the second round will be held for judges from Skardu Division. Led by Professor Niaz. A. Shah from University of Hull and trained as a barrister at the Lincoln’s Inn, London, the target of these trainings was to strengthen the capacity of Gilgit Baltistan’s entire district judiciary.

Honourable Chief Justice GB Chief Court inaugurated the training and also the GB Judicial Academy. This will be the first training in the newly established Judicial Academy of Gilgit Baltistan. Judges from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Judiciary also delivered guest lectures via zoom/team.

The training focused on sensitising the District Judiciary on human rights and the rule of law and to enable judges to deliver human rights–based judgements protecting fundamental rights of people. The purpose was to sensitize judges on implementation of international human rights laws, independence of judiciary, the right to fair trial, children and women human rights and equality and non-discrimination in the justice system.While highlighting the importance of Human Rights and a strong Rule of Law, Professor Niaz said countries and communities with strengthened rule of law give their citizens the stability of knowing that all rights are respected and  E-mail: unic.islamabad@unic.org, Web: pakistan.un.orgprotected. “Human Rights and Rule of Law are intertwined. There is no rule of law within societies if human rights are not protected and vice versa; humanrights cannot be protected in societies without a strong rule of law. The rule of law is the implementation mechanism for human rights, turning them from a principle into a reality”.

This training on Human Rights and Rule of Law for Gilgit’s senior judiciary is a key component of UNDP Pakistan’s Amn-o-Insaf Programme that works withthe government, rule of law & justice institutions and communities in promoting rule of law through provision of support to the justice and security sectors in four provinces of Pakistan, Islamabad Capital Territory, Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and AJ&K.

The programme aims to promote an enabling environment, which will deepen the on-going efforts to secure peace and stabilization. Amn-o-Insaf is also assisting institutional and capacity development of rule of law institutions to ensure effective and speedy provision of justice and security services.