PM’s ‘Green Pakistan’ vision guarantees prosperous future: Rukhsana Naveed


ISLAMABAD, Mar 14 : Parliamentary secretary for climate change Rukhsana Naveed Sunday expressed her government’s resolve to fight the climate change effects by planting trees across the country to protect environment for the future


she said the “green Pakistan” vision was introduced by then Prime Minister Imran Khan to transform country into abundant lush greenery and a clean environment in order to make life more pleasant for the citizens.

She said that a clean and green Pakistan was an important component of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) manifesto and a topmost priority of Imran Khan.

She expressed confident that the mission would be completed at every cost.

She explained that the climate change is a real threat to our future generations and it is our collective responsibility that we must take necessary steps towards climate change by planting more trees in our country.

She added that civil society, forestry department and citizen specially youth should work together to make the green Pakistan campaign successful.

Rukhsana Naveed urged the people to fully participate in the tree plantation drive so that the targets set at national level for tree plantation could easily be achieved.

She regretted that almost 50 to 70 per cent of Pakistan’s forests have been cut down in the past few years, which has created an imbalance in our environment.

However, ten-billion trees will be planted during our five-year, she said, adding the entire country will be made clean and green.

She assured that future of Naya Pakistan is green and the country will be free of all kinds of pollution.