SCO Secretariat celebrated International Women’s Day


BEIJING (DNA) -As part of the activities coinciding with the 20thanniversary of the SCO, the SCO Secretariat hosted a reception to mark International Women’s Day (March 8) on March 5.

The head of SCO diplomatic missions, Special Representative of the PRC Government for Eurasia, Mr. Li Hui, Deputy Chairman and Secretary of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation, Ms Xia Ze, and other distinguished guests from members of the SCO Women’s Club and the Chinese sideattended the celebrations.

Congratulating women on the International Women’s Day, the SCO Secretary General, Mr. Vladimir Norov noted that women of the SCO family, with their high spiritual and intellectual potential, selfless care, and generosity,has made an invaluable contribution in maintaining peace in the states.

“Women have tremendous merits in preserving the rich national and cultural values of our peoples formed over the centuries, and transmitting the highest universal qualities such as tolerance, humanity and humanism from generation to generation,” said Norov.

In his words, the beautiful half of men with their diligence, skills, and responsibility regardless of their field of activity or profession, has made a huge, incomparable contribution to the prosperity and well-being of countries and peoples, and are the driving force of social progress in the SCO region.

The Secretary General also highlighted the sacrifice, courage and heroism exhibited bythe women during the pandemic. He identified equality and full participation of women in political and socio-economic tasks as a prerequisite for the sustainable development of SCO countries.

Today, the SCO Member States pay special attention to issues of gender equality and womenempowerment, he stated.

In the Moscow Declaration of the SCO Summit the Member States stressed that they consider it important to hold regular forums, congresses, and meetings of women within the SCO frameworks.

Integration of gender equality issues into the SCO agenda may serve as an effective platform for consolidation of women’s potential in the member states to achieve sustainable development goals, promote regional cooperation and strengthen the “Shanghai spirit”.

Norov thanking all women for their understanding and generosity, wisdom and resourcefulness, patience, and kindness, expressed his sincere admiration and pride in their talents and successes, inimitable femininity and genuine charm, energy, and hard work.

Mr. Li Hui, Special Representative of the Government of the People’s Republic of China for Eurasia Affairs, also delivered a congratulatory speech at the event. He said the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the protection of women’s rights and interests, integrating China’s course of development and progress with the course of promoting equal development of men and women, encouraging, and supporting women in the historic process of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The SCO continues to grow and develop, and cooperation in various fields is gradually taking a deep and practical path, which is inseparable from the strong support of women of SCO countries and the solid development of cooperation among women in the SCO, he pointed out.

The evening continued with a cultural program followed by a fashion show of the world-famous Chinese designer Lan Yu’s own collections “LAN YU” were presented.

Masters of opera art, headed by one of the best three tenors of the world, Mrs. Chang Sysy,also made a performance before the participants of the festival.