3-day Islamabad Tourism Festival continues to attract large number of visitors


Islamabad : Three-day Islamabad Tourism Festival continued to attract a large number of visitors particularly families as the local residents as well as the visitors from other adjoining areas of the federal capital thronged F-9 park to enjoy the festival organised by Pakistan Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association in collaboration with the Cutting Edge Group.


The festival was organised aimed at boosting tourism in the country by opening doors for socio-economic growth, introducing the Asian art, culture and food to the visitors, providing a platform for branding to the sponsors and helping them build client connections.

The programme has proved to be a good opportunity to render amusement to the locals through initiating an annual event in their calendars.

The festival has also provided a chance to attract overseas Pakistanis to invest in the country to uplift economy of the country and to stimulate adventure sports locally, showcasing opportunities of such ventures and to promote sustainable tourism and importance of eco-friendly sports.


According to the organisers, the festival has succeeded to attract the citizens and increase sustainable partnerships, new collaborations and organisational development.

The festival also helped improve destination marketing locally, nationally and internationally as it succeeded to get media attention and coverage by local and international media.

A visitor, Fahd, said that Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities of world as wide, tree-lined streets adorn the various sectors and zones of the city, guarded by the magnificent Margalla Hills making it more spectacular. He felicitated the organisers of the event saying, it is a city that is bestowed with natural magnificence and landscape, diverse culture, astounding arts and crafts, luxurious cuisine and extraordinary music that was needed to be shared with the world.


To acknowledge its beauty, Pakistan Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association in collaboration with Cutting Edge Group Private Limited planned a festival that encompassed a wide range of events from adventure sports like paragliding to a family event like food fest and colourful concert. The festival kicked off on Mar 5 to conclude on March 7. 

The festival is designed to showcase different air shows and adventure sports like paragliding, accuracy landing, wing suite flying, trike flying, sky diving and power paragliding as part of Field Marshal Paragliding Championship. It was an eye-catching evening as paragliders from around the world floated in the skies of the capital. Furthermore, this iconic event includes vintage cars and bike roadshows, horse parade, corporate and educational expos, kids arena, food court, concerts and much more.

According to the programme, concerts have been arranged for three nights, March 5 to March 7 at F-9 Park and open for public.

Such a beautiful event has been organised to show a beautiful side of the country which has immense potential for tourism and is in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tourism vision.

The event has been organised at a time when the world is facing the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This healthy activity was need of hour.

The event also acted as a rebuttal from the menace of COVID-19 and succeeded to bring back the festivities in the lives of the residents of the capital and provided them with a reason to cherish their beautiful city.