PM to inaugurate heritage trail at Nandana Fort, Tilla Jogian, Salt Range national parks in Distt Jhelum today


ISLAMABAD, Feb 28  : Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday will inaugurate heritage trail at the Al Biruni point at the Nandana Fort in district Jhelum.

The project was undertaken as part of the vision of the Prime Minister for promotion of tourism and in line with the National Tourism Strategy 2020-30.

The strategy was aimed at encouraging tourism at the sites of historic significance and national heritage.

The Prime Minister was keen on preservation and conservation of the Nandana Fort site, and its conversion into an international tourism site.

The site’s archeological significance dates back to 11th century when famous scholar Abu Rehan Al-Biruni during his stay quantified the circumference of the Earth. Later he wrote a famous book about the region and mentioned Nandana as a great center of learning.

There were six more historic sites near the Nandana Fort including Nandana temple, Katas temple, salt mines of Khewra, Malot Fort and Throne of Babur.

These sites will become part of the heritage trail and the tourists can visit these places in one go.

The Prime Minister will also inaugurate Tilla Jogian National Park and Salt Range National Park. These two parks were included in the six protected areas.

In line with the vision of the Prime Minister, all such sites of historical and cultural significance in the country were being identified to bring before the world our rich heritage and cultural diversity.

The local population will gain economic benefits as tourists will get attracted to these historic sites.