PIA aircraft grounded after hitting baggage tractor at Islamabad airport


ISLAMABAD : A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft was damaged after it hit a baggage tractor at New Islamabad International Airport.

A spokesperson for the national airline confirmed the accident and said the airline’s Airbus-320 has been grounded for essential repair.Sources at the airport relayed the accident took place when the aircraft was preparing to depart for Sharjah, as a result of which the plane’s VHF antenna got damaged.

The spokesperson said another flight was arranged to take passengers to Sharjah after the plane was grounded.

Earlier, an Airbus-320 of the Pakistan International Airlines was grounded after being hit by a conveyor belt vehicle at the Karachi International Airport. The airbus was grounded after it was hit by a conveyor belt vehicle and developed a fault in its engine no. 2.

The driver of the conveyor belt vehicle was suspended over his negligence.